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Making Finance Simple

Using Blockchain Technology 

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Why choose Rematic Finance?

The Partition

The Partition is our proprietary smart contract designed to distribute reflections fairly. For more details click the Partition tab above. 

Tokenised Traditional Finance

We have tokenised many of the traditional services you will be familiar with. Services such as the 401k, Pension and Mutual Fund. 

Community Centric 

Our growing community is the life blood of our company. The decisions we make are always with a community first approach. 

Our vision for an ever changing space

We aim to empower investors 

Rematic Finance was established to solve a problem in the crypto currency space. Fairness. Many times we saw and still see how investors have very little chance to take advantage of crypto due to lack of funds or education. We wanted to change this by offering services that are both fair and practical for all investors not just a few. 

“If what you deliver doesn't solve a problem for the many it's not worth pursuing.”

Rematic Finance

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